Building Owners or Managers

If you own or manage a large commercial or industrial building or property, this RFP is a great opportunity to have Glendale Water & Power pay for renewable resources, efficiency measures, and load shifting for your building.

We are matching building owners up with renewable energy developers who will put together a bundle of sites in proposals to the utility. If accepted then instead of putting money into a new gas fueled power plant, the utility will buy energy and energy services from the resources on your building.

The renewable energy resources could be solar panels, batteries, efficiency upgrades, or load shifting. Load shifting are techniques to move your electric use from peak hours to off peak hours like installing the Ice Bear system to move your air conditioning load from daytime to night time.

Please submit your contact information and a little about your building and we will reach out to you with information about renewable energy developers who are interested in your project.┬áIf you don’t feel comfortable with this form send us a note here.

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