Glendale Water & Power (GWP), our municipal utility, is looking to develop local and regional clean energy solutions in and around Glendale, California. This energy production will be in lieu of some or all of the proposed 250 MW Grayson natural gas power plant project.

Homeowners and building owners or managers have the opportunity to host solar production, energy storage, or participate in energy efficiency programs through a current solicitation from GWP. By participating, owners can significantly reduce energy costs while earning additional revenue by selling energy and energy services directly to the utility. They can also play an active part in the solution to Glendale’s power needs.

Alternative energy developers have the opportunity to show what they can do to supply clean energy to a city of 88,000 electrical customers. Whether it’s solar power, energy storage, load shifting, or demand reduction this is your opportunity to show what can be done.

Benefits for Hosts

  • Reduced energy costs from renewable energy generation and efficiency measures
  • Additional revenue by selling energy and related services directly to the utility
  • Increased resale and appraisal value of property
  • Onsite power backup to insure against power outages.

Benefits for the Community

  • Better air quality
  • Clean, renewable energy without associated greenhouse gas impacts
  • Increased protection against potential grid failure

We are here to bring these parties together so that we can get the most clean energy in Glendale.

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